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Joe West and His Controversy

Padres Diamondbacks BaseballWho is Joe West? That is probably the most frequently question that given by people when they read the title of this article. Well, you have to know that Joe West is quite popular umpire among many players and managers. He is popular because of his character that is friendly and funny with many people. When you asked the managers and players, many of them will say that they have often have a warm chatting with this umpire. That is the evidence that this umpire is quite popular umpire among the players and the managers. However, is that the name of West quite good? Joe West was born in Asheville, North Carolina at October 31, 1952. He is an umpire for baseball match. He started his career as national baseball umpire in 1976. This legend umpire, of course as several moments that could not be abandoned in the history. This year, for example, is the year that reminds us to the 24th year of the complaints about West’s action on the field from many baseball players and the manager. The umpire who has debuted in September 14, 1976, ever did some controversial things in some matches. For the example of the problem, here is the story. The story began when Joe West and Bumgarner start to debate about the strike zone opinion of West. There was a disagreement about that and it started in the game that was held in last Thursday. When it came to Bumgarner’s time to throw the borderline pitch, but the umpire called it as a fault. It made Bumgarner became very angry. After that tragedy, West umpire took off his mask from his face and then stared at Bumgarner. Because of that, Bumgarner stared back at West umpire. And it became the duel of two-killing-stare. It is like the condition when you and your children have a fight and I ended with your children who gave up to mad at you. In this condition, Bumgarner is the child and West is his father, because it was ended with Bumgarner put off his stare at West. That is controversial moment for Joe West in his history in becoming umpire in MLB, I think. What becomes the attitude of Joe West sometimes become controversial things. It seems like Joe West controlling and dominating the match with the thing that he likes. Sometimes, he handles the conditions in the field with the managers and the players with the attitude that is not include as a norm of professional umpire in MLB. Some people will say that it should be not the attitude of person with highest professional level in MLB. Well, as a quite popular and professional baseball umpire in the National League or the MLB (Major League Baseball) in America, West ever bring several controversial attitude, or we can say as fault in front of public of America. However, do you think that West’s way to handle the situation in the field is the best one? You can speak out your own opinion!

First Year for the New Knicks Head and President

Phil_Jackson.jpgGREENBURGH N.Y Phil Jackson the New York Knicks President have a plans to take more hands with coach Derek Fisher in this year season. "I thought that maybe I was stepped back too far last year," Phil Jackson said on Friday. “I just wanted Derek to be his own persona and he can have his own feel for everything. Especially this and that was multiplied in number of ways, Derek’s once asked me to be a little bit more present this year. Actually not in the couching things, but just to being around for the team and I think that will be great, and I’ll be more involved than I was last year and I can being here and being watchful and suggestive and also I can watching movies with Derek at the same times,” Fisher also said he would welcome every input from Jackson, who won 11 titles as a head coach in NBA. "I'm the head coach of the team and I also lead the team, I'll do what I need to do and do everything to get the job done," Fisher said. "But for sure, I'm looking forward to spending more time away from the team and talking basketball with Jackson, talking shop and also learning from one of the great basketball minds we've ever seen." Fisher already said that he was ready for any input from Jackson, because he believe that Jackson was the very good head coach with a really finest brain in the basketball league. And he should be considering as a legend. And also Jackson said that he already plans to watch game videos with his stuffs. Fisher said "It would be really helpful to be able to do more things to do some one-on-one discussion of specific things that are going on with the team with Jackson of course as opposed to knowing that he's sitting on the other side of the building and he has seen much more basketball than I've ever seen in my entire lifetime and I’m not utilizing that resource to help myself and help our team," Knicks also won 17 games last season when Jackson first year as the team president. And also the first year for Fisher as the NBA head coach. Such a good combination that leads the Knicks to reach the top of victory and also gain so much power to makes the team always strong and powerful. The training for the last season on the eve training camp, Jackson said that he thought that Knicks can compete on a playoff spot this year. “I just really want to stay away from any expectations,” Jackson said. “It’s such a long season. and we are all want to talks about the competitions and also competitiveness and also about home court advantages.” The president already said that he wanted the team to do a quicker start in this season. and in the first season of this year the Knicks will compete against the teams that made to the postseason on the last season last year. The Knicks itself start at 2-8 on the last season.

Friday’s Top 5: Cubs Clinch, Rangers’ Victory, and more

Rangers__Victory.JPGThe Chicago Cubs clinch postseason berth: well, you actually ought to be the number one in the top five to be able to clinch the postseason berth. The Cubs must be thanked to Oakland Athletics since they can beat San Francisco Giants for 5 - 4 and make back in to postseason. After their last six seasons without being able to go to the playoff, it can be really good news for the team and also the fans. Well, their opponents also admit that the Cubs are actually a kind of fun team to watch, so it will be more interesting since they now in the postseason. The Texas Rangers win over the Houston Astros in the AL West: in the late Friday, it must be a good day for Texas Rangers since he can win for 6-2 over the Houston Astros. This victory then brings Texas Rangers up to the eight positions. This game then adds the number of successive wins at the Houston Astros’. The Rangers then now have achieved a daunting increase for 4.5 game lead at AL West with leaving only nine games to play more. The Rangers may not be able to clinch this Friday in Houston; however they are still able to anticipate making it done next week when they will come against Detroit Tigers on their turf. With their record nowadays, the Rangers become one of the team that will not easily beat on October. Gerrit Cole must be blame as being the Chicago Cubs fans’ killjoy: the fact that the Cubs have been officially clinch the postseason spot is cannot be debated, but why this certainty should not get in the night or in the Friday afternoon when their fans can see them directly? Well, the reason is because of Gerrit Cole outdueled Jon Lester, Cubs’ pitcher, when Cole’s team Pittsburgh Pirates win over the Cubs 3-2. It just adds Cole’s track record to beat the Cubs with metronome-like method in his career for three years. With this eight winning of the Pirates, he is going succeed the wild card game. Cleveland Indians’ Carlos Carrasco: indeed, duelling with a team like Kansas City Royals which has recovered after clinching the first division title must need something different to do with this one. Nevertheless, Carrasco was definitely electric. He does not give up hitting until Alex Rios, Kansas’ right fielder, plinked a single in the 7th when whiffing for the 15 Royals. Rich Hill is brilliant: seeing Hills again in this list must seem usual since he has been on the list for every starts previously. It seems like a kind of old news to see him again rather than other guys in the Boston Red Sox, but he is actually brilliant as baseball player. Blanking Baltimore Orioles for 7-0 victory for his first game which a pitcher pitches all innings without any relief since 2006 makes Rich Hill becomes a prospect that full of word. As a whole, he is truly special.

The Cubs Clinch Playoff Spot, the Giants Are Eliminated

chicago_cubs.gifAfter around 6 years since 2008, this year becomes the first time for the Chicago Cubs to clinch playoff spot. It was the game of San Francisco and Oakland Athletics with the loss of San Francisco that made the Cubs achieved the playoff spot. On the other hand, the Giants became eliminated from the playoff race. Previously, Wrigley Field, the Cubs’ home ground, must be dark, but with this good news that the Cubs achieved this position, the marquee outside the field lit up to sound out this big news after this news become official the late Friday night. Then, all of the fans got together around the field to capture the moment and sign the Cubs’ return after several times to wait. The recent Cub’s manager, Joe Maddon and his players actually missed the chance to clinch the playoff berth in the time when they had to lose from Pittsburgh 3-2 at their Wrigley Field. At that time, Maddon said that there is one way to check the Giants’ score, it perhaps when he gets up to go to his bathroom in the night. The road to back to this exciting way is actually so long for Chicago Cubs. They had ever endured consecutive five times losing in this season and also a painful journey from top to the bottom under the president, Theo Epstein. As soon as Theo was hired in October 2011 as the president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs, he started to load up a kind of minor league system, and then it finally paid off. Now then, the young players began to create their own way to the major league last season. Furthermore, the Cubs made it obvious that they were definitely serious in winning the championship when they signed Maddon as the manager and also deal with Jon Lester to sign in this offseason. Meanwhile, other newcomers such as Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber made their debut in this season and the best news is they made a big impact for the Cubs. Bryant in this case created two hits and also scored on Friday. According to Lester, he and his team hopefully can celebrate this big news tomorrow and then have a perfect time together. Then, Maddon seems agree with this, he said that his teams may never experience something like this so they are going to enjoy it together. On the last Friday, the Pirates stay to keep their victory for seventh straight and then enhanced their chance to lead in the top of NL’s wild card to 4.5 games over the Chicago Cubs. Then, Chicago draws NL central leading in St. Louis by 7.5 games and leaves nine games to play. Meanwhile, the Cubs actually have not won the playoff game since in the last time in 2003 NL Championship Series. In history, they were lost for 3-0 in NL Division Series in the successive year, 2007 and also 2008. That is why it becomes a big deal for them to clinch the playoff berth.

The Cubs Achieve Postseason Berth after 6 Seasons

joe_maddon.jpgJoe Maddon must be pleased as what he had talked in his last opening press conference about the postseason baseball match becomes true. After he talked about it three hundred and twenty six days ago, it has been proven in the last Friday night when finally the Oakland Athletics won over the San Francisco Giants. This result then helps Chicago Cubs to clinch a postseason place for the first time for the Cubs since 2008. Maddon anyway joked about it in Friday morning that he would like to say it every year since he really believed this case. After losing from Pittsburg Pirates 3-2 earlier on the field, the Cubs certainly could not clinch their position. Nonetheless, the Athletics deal this matter and extend the Cubs head to the next ten games with nine games to play. Supported by 42 to 24 second half run, the Cubs come with a new performance after in the offseason they make a kind of splash when they finally signed Maddon and Jon Lester who is free agent pitcher. According to Maddon, he believed that the signing of John Lester and the ascension of Arrieta this season were made it was not impossible. He added that Lester’s signing pointed out to the team as well as to the fans that it was absolutely possible. He said that they need this presence somehow. Meantime, Arrieta is actually a candidate for the Cy Young Award and then Kris Bryang who is their 23 years old rookie is a kind of the shoo-in one as the Rookie of the Year. It seems that Maddon will lead a strong class of Cubs players which also include Addison Russell, the slick fielding and then Kyle Schwarber as the outfielder who arrive at the right time when the team are going to take off. Maddon recognized that the talent of his new team will created the best and fantastic line up for the postseason. Then, he emphasized it by saying there were a lot of fantastic items already in this place. On the other side when Maddon and his players get the credit for their wonderful season, the front office then see it as long term plan come to achievement this season after they save the fifth place finish. To rebuild works if young players obtained and drafted are a good idea. Now, there is a little doubt which Theo Epstein and his partner bring a big capture of youthful talent to this organization and then those players have offered the city this playoff team. Since Steve Bartman reached the ball in 2003, Chicago Cubs certainly have not ever won the postseason contest again. Then, under this recent wild-card system, the Cubs have a game to prove it that they belong to the other final teams competing for the World Series. In this impossible year that ought to end with 90 winning and more, the Cubs actually have the same chance as other final teams to move through this National League playoff.

Mike Dunleavy Will Absent for 8 to 10 Weeks after Back Procedure

mike_dunleavy.jpgChicago Bulls announced that their starting forward, Mike Dunleavy will be absent for eight to ten weeks since he should take a lower-back microdiscectomy procedure at Rush University Medical Center on Friday. Starting from Tuesday, Mike will miss eight to ten weeks including his team training camp. According to his team statement, Mike who turns to 35 in this September underwent some infrequent discomfort in his back over this summer and unexpectedly it getting worse in progress. Since traditional measures had been failed to resolve the symptoms satisfactorily, surgery procedure should be done to resolve his problem. The Bulls also added that the conservative or traditional measures are essential as the prior handling before they come to the next decision. Actually, Mike had signed a deal with Chicago Bulls for a three-year contract at $14 million after he was getting interest from Cleveland Cavaliers. In the last season, he achieved 9.4 points in average for his 63 games with the Bulls and 41 percent shot from a 3 point range. Then, in the playoff games, he averaged more points in the range of 10.9 points and 48 percent from the 3 point range for the shot. In the last season, he also missed 19 games because of ankle injury; in this case, the Bulls played nine to ten without Mike Dunleavy. And then in this season, if he out for eight weeks, he will absent in 12 regular games this season and if he sits ten weeks, the missed game he gets will raise into 16 games. On the other side, the new coach of the Bulls, Fred Hoiberg is counted to take deeper rotation for the next season, which means Mike’s injury will create great possibility for Doug McDermott, Tony Snell, and also Nikola Mirotic to be the starting player this season. However, Mike’s injury still comes in unfortunate time since he has a critical role for the Bulls especially with the expectation of Hoiberg to create 3-point shooting. Hoiberg may need to play Mirotic for three more or he can also give more times for Doug McDermott. McDermott in this case actually had endured an uneasy newcomer season since in his first rotation with Tom Thibodeau, he need to get arthroscopic surgery to fix his right meniscus. McDermott also have a chance to talk about their new coach. He thought that Hoiberg has a good style and it will fit for the team to achieve a great season. He said Hoiberg has an offensive mind which will be great for his team. As far as he sees, Hoiberg plays similar with the Warriors, using shooters and also going small. Furthermore, Mike Dunleavy will finally become one of these plays. His ability to create 3-point shooting is one of the best keys for the Bulls to face the season. It may not what the Bulls want to begin Hoiberg’s era, but if the Bulls can keep others key players in healthy condition and wait for a while until Dunleavy comes back, it will be great.

Clippers Wins 2016 NBA Championship, Paul Pierce Probably Be Done with Basketball

clipper.jpgPaul Pierce may have a big dream next year with his current team, Los Angeles Clippers. Actually next season will be his 18th professional season and he comes as the part of his new team with big dream to win the championship. According to him when he said at Clippers media in Friday, he will probably be done with his career in basketball if his new team can win the next NBA Championship in June 2016. He said that he wants to be honest and his dream may come true. He would like to go home and to carry the NBA Championship trophy to the Manchester Boulevard. Certainly, just thinking of this dream seems exciting to him in this moment. Even though championship parade in LA usually tend to take a route which is several miles in north of Manchester Boulevard, Pierce’s choice, then go through Inglewood, his native place, this veteran shooting guard or small forward underlines that his contribution for his new team, Clippers, will be valuable just like an on-court production. He also said that he can bring certain attitude. He thought that several teams need personality adjustment and the he can support that case especially because of the guys that his team picked up, he believed that he really can do this. Thus, they can win this championship. Actually, Pierce acted as this function in his last team, Wizards in Washington. However, he decided to sign with Los Angeles Clippers for a three year contract at $10 million. Then, in his new team he can reunite with Doc Rivers, his couch when in Boston, where both of them won a championship title in 2008. On the other side, Rivers had not yet decided whether he would start Pierce as the small forward or not since other newcomers in LA Clippers, Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson are also nominees for this position. Nevertheless, Pierce himself said he do not have any expectation for the specific role in his new team rotation especially because of his age which now turn to 38 years old. He realized that he is not the one he used to be and understood that his starting minutes will be different from before. As a result, it will be a good idea if he can go through this season without any injury and become fresh in playoff in April, May, and if possible in June too. It will be the best time to help his new team, so whatever the position he will take and whether he will be starter or off at bench, he will be fine to take it as long as his team can win many games. After his 15 successive seasons with Celtics, he will deal with his third team in this October. He said even he is an elder in NBA; there is still a process you should take in the new locker room. However, he seems confident with this since he believes that he easy to get along with new people.

Single Bound to Victory

vince_carter.jpgVince Carter after months from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he is try to replicate the legendary dunk and also the greatest dunk of all time. The dunk that took place before Facebook, YouTube or anything else in the internet. The dunk that needs an imagination to created. And of course it’s really rare to see back in the time. So, it’s called the legendary dunk and now, Vince carter try to replicate it. In the basketball world, the dunk also really known as the greatest dunk of all times and its really rare to see because not all of basket player can do it. The dunk itself start in Toronto when a rookie named Mo Peterson and the others teammates practice and trying to makes something new. And then, BOOM. This dunk was born in the Toronto and really well known between the basket lovers. Need agen bola terpercaya ? just click that link. In fact, Vince Carter can’t do it again after 15 years and also no one else did. Until these days, the formula to create this legendary dunk still difficult to do. For Carter doing this legendary dunk itself also something that he can’t do it anymore in his early age that enter 38 years old. This NBA player also prepare for his 18th season. Carter also known as the player that make history in the basketball journey. And many young basketball players really adore him as a legend. And many people also witnessed when he flew and do the legendary dunk and bring him into a legendary person in the basketball league. And till today, no one else did what he did in the 15 years ago. Why? Because no one can find the exact formula? No, the answer is, because the formula it’s so hard to learn and also too difficult to do. Especially when you and your teammates don’t have a connected feelings and also soul. In this today’s era many basketball player trying to replicate this legendary dunk, but almost of them fail when do it and most of them decide to stop practicing this legendary dunk. For some young basketball player, Vince Carter is a man who can flying high as high as the moon. Especially for the people who witnessed when he was flow in the games. And succeeded to replicated the legendary dunk and lead his team into a sweet victory. For some people who not seeing him when the match takes place 15 years ago, believing the man flying is something that really impossible. But, maybe now, you can see it on the social media about his legendary dunk. And seeing how great that moment was. So, for those of you who really wants to play basketball, maybe he can be the good influence. Besides he was a great player he also one of the legendary basketball player among the Michael Jordan and the others. And also he known as the savior 15 years ago, when he did this single bound to victory. And the legend says that no one ever do the legendary dunk again till this time.

Mora and Hope to Continue Mastery of Arizona

arizona.jpgNovember 1 last year was really something for UCLA. Some people thought that UCLA was on the teetering and also brink of disaster or at least some folks will said irrelevance. The bruins started from No. 12 and followed by the losses to Utah and also Oregon with lackluster efforts, when against the California and also Colorado. The match ends with unimpressive victories. Combined by five points and also include the double overtime win from the previous week when against the Buffaloes team. Bagel in Pac-12 play. Bruins defense dominate the wildcats in a way that never seen and also happens in Arizona. Rich Rodriguez as the couch of Arizona experiencing something that never happens before. After that yielding at least have 30 points in four weeks. UCLA itself beat the Wildcats 17-7 stands as he lowest points that Rodriguez ever have in 33 games leading the Wildcats, very disappointing of course. Especially for fans that wants the big victory for their favorite teams. On the third down, Arizona was on 6-20 and just 3.2 yards per play. And Arizona QB Solomon Anu just completed in 18 of 48 passes. And the bruins itself had a three sacks. In completion percentage, about 37 percent and also averaging measly about 3.6 yards per attempt, about half average for his season. The secondary maintained the bruins for the most part when the straight man coverage, which really not easy to against the Wildcats deep crew receivers. “We were able to get a pretty good pressure on Anu Solomon," Jim Mora said as the couch of UCLA itself. Who wins 3-0 against the Rodriguez. "We just got a little momentum that going, and that really helped us." Mora said again. The bruins also gained and owned the scrimmage line and also outrushing the wildcats 271 to 80 yards. And what could be the different this time? Well, for sure. Today Arizona is playing in his own home and also have a really angry personal that really ready to take revenge from the last time. And it’ll makes them really offensive. While the bruins itself lost the three keys of defensive starters because of injury in this season on the first month. DE Eddie Vanderdoes, LB Myles Jack and CB Fabian Moreau, they’re also missing the QB Brett Hundley who to be a savvy manager last year. The bruins welcome back their offense but they’re still missing the QB though. Brett Hundley itself proved to be a really good and savvy game manager last year when his passing have a 70 yard touchdown pass. And also he rushed a game high 131 yards. Josh Rosen taken his place he’s a freshman who making his first road to start in Pac 12 play. And of course it’ll bring the new atmosphere to Rosen that he never experience before, because the game itself really different from a Collage game day. And that’s why Jim Mora still can said that he and his team will managed to take down the Arizona this time, like he did with his team last year.

Top Fuel Qualifying

Nico_Rosberg.jpgNico Rosberg is one of a great racers in the world. Everyone who loves racing and F1 knows this man well. It is because there are some achievements of Nico Rosberg. One of many Nico Rosberg’s achievement is when this handsome man get second pole position. This achievement is taken at Japanese Grand Prix. Nico Rosberg got that position after his fellow Daniil Kvyat got an accident in the final runs of session. It was a great “opportunity” for Nico Rosberg. The first run in the Q3 for Nico Rosberg, he put this handsome man just over tenth ahead of the Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton is a man who made some mistakes when he was at Hairpin. He locked his own front tire and he was running deep. Lewis Hamilton actually has had opportunity to face back with Lewis second attempt. Unfortunately the accident which happened to Daniil Kvyat cut a session short only over thirty seconds of remaining. Daniil Kvyat a handsome Russian racer lost control of the car he was driven in the entry to hairpin. It happened after putting wheel on grass then overcorrecting and hitting into barriers. It brought an impact for the barriers especially tire barriers. Tire barriers destroyed the rear and front of car as well as the pitching of Red Bull and into the barrel roll which ripped off car’s left hand wheels on the gravel. Daniil Kvyat needs to check his health to medical center. Kimi Raikkonen must settle for the sixth when Danieal Ricciardo was in the highest place at the Red Bull driver on the seventh. Romain Grosjean a man who drove the car in a good way gave a cash strapped, the Lotus team smiled with an eight fastest time face Kvyat and Sergio Perez who could not set time in the end. Bico was qualified an outside top ten but it will drop to fourteenth when Noco Hulkenberg’s three place a grid penalty for the collision with a Massa in a country. In this term, Singapore was to blame. It will move Saenz up to eleventh ahead of Fernando Alonso and Pastor Maldonado. The other racer, Max Verstappen started fifteenth after sudden loss of the power making him spinning out of hairpin in first session. Janson Button must be dropped out in the Q1 after he complained McLaren pit wall had not told the driver about what engine mode must be used. McLaren said on the radio that they would not be in a position they are in when they did not make some mistakes. Button was going to start ahead of Felipe Nasr, Marcus Ericson and two Manors. On Ericson’s first attempt, Marcus Erricson improved a second time around after spinning at the spoon as Verstappen interrupted Nasr’s second lap. Toro Rosso, the stricken prevented the number of the other drivers in improving on drivers’ second attempt. In the same time Alexander Rossi got a bad luck of all. It aborted Rossi’s first attempt after Marcus Ericson spun in front of Rossi and Rossi’s second for a yellow flags.