joe_maddon.jpgJoe Maddon must be pleased as what he had talked in his last opening press conference about the postseason baseball match becomes true. After he talked about it three hundred and twenty six days ago, it has been proven in the last Friday night when finally the Oakland Athletics won over the San Francisco Giants. This result then helps Chicago Cubs to clinch a postseason place for the first time for the Cubs since 2008. Maddon anyway joked about it in Friday morning that he would like to say it every year since he really believed this case. After losing from Pittsburg Pirates 3-2 earlier on the field, the Cubs certainly could not clinch their position. Nonetheless, the Athletics deal this matter and extend the Cubs head to the next ten games with nine games to play. Supported by 42 to 24 second half run, the Cubs come with a new performance after in the offseason they make a kind of splash when they finally signed Maddon and Jon Lester who is free agent pitcher. According to Maddon, he believed that the signing of John Lester and the ascension of Arrieta this season were made it was not impossible. He added that Lester’s signing pointed out to the team as well as to the fans that it was absolutely possible. He said that they need this presence somehow. Meantime, Arrieta is actually a candidate for the Cy Young Award and then Kris Bryang who is their 23 years old rookie is a kind of the shoo-in one as the Rookie of the Year. It seems that Maddon will lead a strong class of Cubs players which also include Addison Russell, the slick fielding and then Kyle Schwarber as the outfielder who arrive at the right time when the team are going to take off. Maddon recognized that the talent of his new team will created the best and fantastic line up for the postseason. Then, he emphasized it by saying there were a lot of fantastic items already in this place. On the other side when Maddon and his players get the credit for their wonderful season, the front office then see it as long term plan come to achievement this season after they save the fifth place finish. To rebuild works if young players obtained and drafted are a good idea. Now, there is a little doubt which Theo Epstein and his partner bring a big capture of youthful talent to this organization and then those players have offered the city this playoff team. Since Steve Bartman reached the ball in 2003, Chicago Cubs certainly have not ever won the postseason contest again. Then, under this recent wild-card system, the Cubs have a game to prove it that they belong to the other final teams competing for the World Series. In this impossible year that ought to end with 90 winning and more, the Cubs actually have the same chance as other final teams to move through this National League playoff.