chicago_cubs.gifAfter around 6 years since 2008, this year becomes the first time for the Chicago Cubs to clinch playoff spot. It was the game of San Francisco and Oakland Athletics with the loss of San Francisco that made the Cubs achieved the playoff spot. On the other hand, the Giants became eliminated from the playoff race. Previously, Wrigley Field, the Cubs’ home ground, must be dark, but with this good news that the Cubs achieved this position, the marquee outside the field lit up to sound out this big news after this news become official the late Friday night. Then, all of the fans got together around the field to capture the moment and sign the Cubs’ return after several times to wait. The recent Cub’s manager, Joe Maddon and his players actually missed the chance to clinch the playoff berth in the time when they had to lose from Pittsburgh 3-2 at their Wrigley Field. At that time, Maddon said that there is one way to check the Giants’ score, it perhaps when he gets up to go to his bathroom in the night. The road to back to this exciting way is actually so long for Chicago Cubs. They had ever endured consecutive five times losing in this season and also a painful journey from top to the bottom under the president, Theo Epstein. As soon as Theo was hired in October 2011 as the president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs, he started to load up a kind of minor league system, and then it finally paid off. Now then, the young players began to create their own way to the major league last season. Furthermore, the Cubs made it obvious that they were definitely serious in winning the championship when they signed Maddon as the manager and also deal with Jon Lester to sign in this offseason. Meanwhile, other newcomers such as Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber made their debut in this season and the best news is they made a big impact for the Cubs. Bryant in this case created two hits and also scored on Friday. According to Lester, he and his team hopefully can celebrate this big news tomorrow and then have a perfect time together. Then, Maddon seems agree with this, he said that his teams may never experience something like this so they are going to enjoy it together. On the last Friday, the Pirates stay to keep their victory for seventh straight and then enhanced their chance to lead in the top of NL’s wild card to 4.5 games over the Chicago Cubs. Then, Chicago draws NL central leading in St. Louis by 7.5 games and leaves nine games to play. Meanwhile, the Cubs actually have not won the playoff game since in the last time in 2003 NL Championship Series. In history, they were lost for 3-0 in NL Division Series in the successive year, 2007 and also 2008. That is why it becomes a big deal for them to clinch the playoff berth.