Rangers__Victory.JPGThe Chicago Cubs clinch postseason berth: well, you actually ought to be the number one in the top five to be able to clinch the postseason berth. The Cubs must be thanked to Oakland Athletics since they can beat San Francisco Giants for 5 - 4 and make back in to postseason. After their last six seasons without being able to go to the playoff, it can be really good news for the team and also the fans. Well, their opponents also admit that the Cubs are actually a kind of fun team to watch, so it will be more interesting since they now in the postseason. The Texas Rangers win over the Houston Astros in the AL West: in the late Friday, it must be a good day for Texas Rangers since he can win for 6-2 over the Houston Astros. This victory then brings Texas Rangers up to the eight positions. This game then adds the number of successive wins at the Houston Astros’. The Rangers then now have achieved a daunting increase for 4.5 game lead at AL West with leaving only nine games to play more. The Rangers may not be able to clinch this Friday in Houston; however they are still able to anticipate making it done next week when they will come against Detroit Tigers on their turf. With their record nowadays, the Rangers become one of the team that will not easily beat on October. Gerrit Cole must be blame as being the Chicago Cubs fans’ killjoy: the fact that the Cubs have been officially clinch the postseason spot is cannot be debated, but why this certainty should not get in the night or in the Friday afternoon when their fans can see them directly? Well, the reason is because of Gerrit Cole outdueled Jon Lester, Cubs’ pitcher, when Cole’s team Pittsburgh Pirates win over the Cubs 3-2. It just adds Cole’s track record to beat the Cubs with metronome-like method in his career for three years. With this eight winning of the Pirates, he is going succeed the wild card game. Cleveland Indians’ Carlos Carrasco: indeed, duelling with a team like Kansas City Royals which has recovered after clinching the first division title must need something different to do with this one. Nevertheless, Carrasco was definitely electric. He does not give up hitting until Alex Rios, Kansas’ right fielder, plinked a single in the 7th when whiffing for the 15 Royals. Rich Hill is brilliant: seeing Hills again in this list must seem usual since he has been on the list for every starts previously. It seems like a kind of old news to see him again rather than other guys in the Boston Red Sox, but he is actually brilliant as baseball player. Blanking Baltimore Orioles for 7-0 victory for his first game which a pitcher pitches all innings without any relief since 2006 makes Rich Hill becomes a prospect that full of word. As a whole, he is truly special.