arizona.jpgNovember 1 last year was really something for UCLA. Some people thought that UCLA was on the teetering and also brink of disaster or at least some folks will said irrelevance. The bruins started from No. 12 and followed by the losses to Utah and also Oregon with lackluster efforts, when against the California and also Colorado. The match ends with unimpressive victories. Combined by five points and also include the double overtime win from the previous week when against the Buffaloes team. Bagel in Pac-12 play. Bruins defense dominate the wildcats in a way that never seen and also happens in Arizona. Rich Rodriguez as the couch of Arizona experiencing something that never happens before. After that yielding at least have 30 points in four weeks. UCLA itself beat the Wildcats 17-7 stands as he lowest points that Rodriguez ever have in 33 games leading the Wildcats, very disappointing of course. Especially for fans that wants the big victory for their favorite teams. On the third down, Arizona was on 6-20 and just 3.2 yards per play. And Arizona QB Solomon Anu just completed in 18 of 48 passes. And the bruins itself had a three sacks. In completion percentage, about 37 percent and also averaging measly about 3.6 yards per attempt, about half average for his season. The secondary maintained the bruins for the most part when the straight man coverage, which really not easy to against the Wildcats deep crew receivers. “We were able to get a pretty good pressure on Anu Solomon," Jim Mora said as the couch of UCLA itself. Who wins 3-0 against the Rodriguez. "We just got a little momentum that going, and that really helped us." Mora said again. The bruins also gained and owned the scrimmage line and also outrushing the wildcats 271 to 80 yards. And what could be the different this time? Well, for sure. Today Arizona is playing in his own home and also have a really angry personal that really ready to take revenge from the last time. And it’ll makes them really offensive. While the bruins itself lost the three keys of defensive starters because of injury in this season on the first month. DE Eddie Vanderdoes, LB Myles Jack and CB Fabian Moreau, they’re also missing the QB Brett Hundley who to be a savvy manager last year. The bruins welcome back their offense but they’re still missing the QB though. Brett Hundley itself proved to be a really good and savvy game manager last year when his passing have a 70 yard touchdown pass. And also he rushed a game high 131 yards. Josh Rosen taken his place he’s a freshman who making his first road to start in Pac 12 play. And of course it’ll bring the new atmosphere to Rosen that he never experience before, because the game itself really different from a Collage game day. And that’s why Jim Mora still can said that he and his team will managed to take down the Arizona this time, like he did with his team last year.