vince_carter.jpgVince Carter after months from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he is try to replicate the legendary dunk and also the greatest dunk of all time. The dunk that took place before Facebook, YouTube or anything else in the internet. The dunk that needs an imagination to created. And of course it’s really rare to see back in the time. So, it’s called the legendary dunk and now, Vince carter try to replicate it. In the basketball world, the dunk also really known as the greatest dunk of all times and its really rare to see because not all of basket player can do it. The dunk itself start in Toronto when a rookie named Mo Peterson and the others teammates practice and trying to makes something new. And then, BOOM. This dunk was born in the Toronto and really well known between the basket lovers. Need agen bola terpercaya ? just click that link. In fact, Vince Carter can’t do it again after 15 years and also no one else did. Until these days, the formula to create this legendary dunk still difficult to do. For Carter doing this legendary dunk itself also something that he can’t do it anymore in his early age that enter 38 years old. This NBA player also prepare for his 18th season. Carter also known as the player that make history in the basketball journey. And many young basketball players really adore him as a legend. And many people also witnessed when he flew and do the legendary dunk and bring him into a legendary person in the basketball league. And till today, no one else did what he did in the 15 years ago. Why? Because no one can find the exact formula? No, the answer is, because the formula it’s so hard to learn and also too difficult to do. Especially when you and your teammates don’t have a connected feelings and also soul. In this today’s era many basketball player trying to replicate this legendary dunk, but almost of them fail when do it and most of them decide to stop practicing this legendary dunk. For some young basketball player, Vince Carter is a man who can flying high as high as the moon. Especially for the people who witnessed when he was flow in the games. And succeeded to replicated the legendary dunk and lead his team into a sweet victory. For some people who not seeing him when the match takes place 15 years ago, believing the man flying is something that really impossible. But, maybe now, you can see it on the social media about his legendary dunk. And seeing how great that moment was. So, for those of you who really wants to play basketball, maybe he can be the good influence. Besides he was a great player he also one of the legendary basketball player among the Michael Jordan and the others. And also he known as the savior 15 years ago, when he did this single bound to victory. And the legend says that no one ever do the legendary dunk again till this time.