clipper.jpgPaul Pierce may have a big dream next year with his current team, Los Angeles Clippers. Actually next season will be his 18th professional season and he comes as the part of his new team with big dream to win the championship. According to him when he said at Clippers media in Friday, he will probably be done with his career in basketball if his new team can win the next NBA Championship in June 2016. He said that he wants to be honest and his dream may come true. He would like to go home and to carry the NBA Championship trophy to the Manchester Boulevard. Certainly, just thinking of this dream seems exciting to him in this moment. Even though championship parade in LA usually tend to take a route which is several miles in north of Manchester Boulevard, Pierce’s choice, then go through Inglewood, his native place, this veteran shooting guard or small forward underlines that his contribution for his new team, Clippers, will be valuable just like an on-court production. He also said that he can bring certain attitude. He thought that several teams need personality adjustment and the he can support that case especially because of the guys that his team picked up, he believed that he really can do this. Thus, they can win this championship. Actually, Pierce acted as this function in his last team, Wizards in Washington. However, he decided to sign with Los Angeles Clippers for a three year contract at $10 million. Then, in his new team he can reunite with Doc Rivers, his couch when in Boston, where both of them won a championship title in 2008. On the other side, Rivers had not yet decided whether he would start Pierce as the small forward or not since other newcomers in LA Clippers, Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson are also nominees for this position. Nevertheless, Pierce himself said he do not have any expectation for the specific role in his new team rotation especially because of his age which now turn to 38 years old. He realized that he is not the one he used to be and understood that his starting minutes will be different from before. As a result, it will be a good idea if he can go through this season without any injury and become fresh in playoff in April, May, and if possible in June too. It will be the best time to help his new team, so whatever the position he will take and whether he will be starter or off at bench, he will be fine to take it as long as his team can win many games. After his 15 successive seasons with Celtics, he will deal with his third team in this October. He said even he is an elder in NBA; there is still a process you should take in the new locker room. However, he seems confident with this since he believes that he easy to get along with new people.