mike_dunleavy.jpgChicago Bulls announced that their starting forward, Mike Dunleavy will be absent for eight to ten weeks since he should take a lower-back microdiscectomy procedure at Rush University Medical Center on Friday. Starting from Tuesday, Mike will miss eight to ten weeks including his team training camp. According to his team statement, Mike who turns to 35 in this September underwent some infrequent discomfort in his back over this summer and unexpectedly it getting worse in progress. Since traditional measures had been failed to resolve the symptoms satisfactorily, surgery procedure should be done to resolve his problem. The Bulls also added that the conservative or traditional measures are essential as the prior handling before they come to the next decision. Actually, Mike had signed a deal with Chicago Bulls for a three-year contract at $14 million after he was getting interest from Cleveland Cavaliers. In the last season, he achieved 9.4 points in average for his 63 games with the Bulls and 41 percent shot from a 3 point range. Then, in the playoff games, he averaged more points in the range of 10.9 points and 48 percent from the 3 point range for the shot. In the last season, he also missed 19 games because of ankle injury; in this case, the Bulls played nine to ten without Mike Dunleavy. And then in this season, if he out for eight weeks, he will absent in 12 regular games this season and if he sits ten weeks, the missed game he gets will raise into 16 games. On the other side, the new coach of the Bulls, Fred Hoiberg is counted to take deeper rotation for the next season, which means Mike’s injury will create great possibility for Doug McDermott, Tony Snell, and also Nikola Mirotic to be the starting player this season. However, Mike’s injury still comes in unfortunate time since he has a critical role for the Bulls especially with the expectation of Hoiberg to create 3-point shooting. Hoiberg may need to play Mirotic for three more or he can also give more times for Doug McDermott. McDermott in this case actually had endured an uneasy newcomer season since in his first rotation with Tom Thibodeau, he need to get arthroscopic surgery to fix his right meniscus. McDermott also have a chance to talk about their new coach. He thought that Hoiberg has a good style and it will fit for the team to achieve a great season. He said Hoiberg has an offensive mind which will be great for his team. As far as he sees, Hoiberg plays similar with the Warriors, using shooters and also going small. Furthermore, Mike Dunleavy will finally become one of these plays. His ability to create 3-point shooting is one of the best keys for the Bulls to face the season. It may not what the Bulls want to begin Hoiberg’s era, but if the Bulls can keep others key players in healthy condition and wait for a while until Dunleavy comes back, it will be great.