Phil_Jackson.jpgGREENBURGH N.Y Phil Jackson the New York Knicks President have a plans to take more hands with coach Derek Fisher in this year season. "I thought that maybe I was stepped back too far last year," Phil Jackson said on Friday. “I just wanted Derek to be his own persona and he can have his own feel for everything. Especially this and that was multiplied in number of ways, Derek’s once asked me to be a little bit more present this year. Actually not in the couching things, but just to being around for the team and I think that will be great, and I’ll be more involved than I was last year and I can being here and being watchful and suggestive and also I can watching movies with Derek at the same times,” Fisher also said he would welcome every input from Jackson, who won 11 titles as a head coach in NBA. "I'm the head coach of the team and I also lead the team, I'll do what I need to do and do everything to get the job done," Fisher said. "But for sure, I'm looking forward to spending more time away from the team and talking basketball with Jackson, talking shop and also learning from one of the great basketball minds we've ever seen." Fisher already said that he was ready for any input from Jackson, because he believe that Jackson was the very good head coach with a really finest brain in the basketball league. And he should be considering as a legend. And also Jackson said that he already plans to watch game videos with his stuffs. Fisher said "It would be really helpful to be able to do more things to do some one-on-one discussion of specific things that are going on with the team with Jackson of course as opposed to knowing that he's sitting on the other side of the building and he has seen much more basketball than I've ever seen in my entire lifetime and I’m not utilizing that resource to help myself and help our team," Knicks also won 17 games last season when Jackson first year as the team president. And also the first year for Fisher as the NBA head coach. Such a good combination that leads the Knicks to reach the top of victory and also gain so much power to makes the team always strong and powerful. The training for the last season on the eve training camp, Jackson said that he thought that Knicks can compete on a playoff spot this year. “I just really want to stay away from any expectations,” Jackson said. “It’s such a long season. and we are all want to talks about the competitions and also competitiveness and also about home court advantages.” The president already said that he wanted the team to do a quicker start in this season. and in the first season of this year the Knicks will compete against the teams that made to the postseason on the last season last year. The Knicks itself start at 2-8 on the last season.