Padres Diamondbacks BaseballWho is Joe West? That is probably the most frequently question that given by people when they read the title of this article. Well, you have to know that Joe West is quite popular umpire among many players and managers. He is popular because of his character that is friendly and funny with many people. When you asked the managers and players, many of them will say that they have often have a warm chatting with this umpire. That is the evidence that this umpire is quite popular umpire among the players and the managers. However, is that the name of West quite good? Joe West was born in Asheville, North Carolina at October 31, 1952. He is an umpire for baseball match. He started his career as national baseball umpire in 1976. This legend umpire, of course as several moments that could not be abandoned in the history. This year, for example, is the year that reminds us to the 24th year of the complaints about West’s action on the field from many baseball players and the manager. The umpire who has debuted in September 14, 1976, ever did some controversial things in some matches. For the example of the problem, here is the story. The story began when Joe West and Bumgarner start to debate about the strike zone opinion of West. There was a disagreement about that and it started in the game that was held in last Thursday. When it came to Bumgarner’s time to throw the borderline pitch, but the umpire called it as a fault. It made Bumgarner became very angry. After that tragedy, West umpire took off his mask from his face and then stared at Bumgarner. Because of that, Bumgarner stared back at West umpire. And it became the duel of two-killing-stare. It is like the condition when you and your children have a fight and I ended with your children who gave up to mad at you. In this condition, Bumgarner is the child and West is his father, because it was ended with Bumgarner put off his stare at West. That is controversial moment for Joe West in his history in becoming umpire in MLB, I think. What becomes the attitude of Joe West sometimes become controversial things. It seems like Joe West controlling and dominating the match with the thing that he likes. Sometimes, he handles the conditions in the field with the managers and the players with the attitude that is not include as a norm of professional umpire in MLB. Some people will say that it should be not the attitude of person with highest professional level in MLB. Well, as a quite popular and professional baseball umpire in the National League or the MLB (Major League Baseball) in America, West ever bring several controversial attitude, or we can say as fault in front of public of America. However, do you think that West’s way to handle the situation in the field is the best one? You can speak out your own opinion!